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3 Free Tools To Help You in SEO Keyword Research

Welcome to the modern internet, where you need to fight your place up the SEO chain. On the modern internet you cannot just magically appear on the top of search engine rankings. You have to put a great deal of effort if you want to climb up the ladder of rankings in search engine. Here I am providing 5 sites which will help you climb up the ladder of SEO through keyword research.

These are all free tools which you can leverage to help you rank higher in search engine results. Before digging right into the list of sites. I want to provide you with a little background about SEO. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a set of steps which you follow to make yourself rank higher in the search engine results.

What is SEO ?

Let me help you understand more about SEO and it’s base Keyword(s). Whenever you search for a phrase in search engine such as Google. You get a list of results and most of the time you get accurate result to what you are looking for.

The sites that appear on the top are highly optimized for search engines. Hence the term search engine optimization, the search engines are really complex software which evaluates multiple criteria of a website. And they feed your website through this rigorous algorithm which will quantify your site, meaning it will provide your site with a score which can be easily manipulated by the algorithm whenever a user makes a query.

According to recent news google takes 200+ factors into account for ranking your website. Now it doesn’t really seem such an easy task to make your site rank on Google does it? But don’t let it worry you. Because no websites are optimized for each of the factor, and technically many factors are not in the hands of website’s.

What are keywords

Now with that brief introduction to SEO we have come to the Keyword portion of our article. What do you understand when you hear the term keyword? In a really dumb and simple way the word keyword can be interpreted as the most important word. Yes this was to give you a broad idea about the keyword.

Keywords are actually what helps you climb up the ladder of SEO. And it plays a vital role in your SEO. So you must focus on your keyword research techniques to up your SEO game. Keywords are simply the term which the search engine ranks your site based on the content. Let us look at a potential keyword “learn programming online”. When the user includes the words in that phrase while querying in search engine.

The search engine looks for the phrase and processes it using some algorithm and produces a result. It is an educated guess, meaning if the algorithm identifies which site has content best suited for that particular query.

This is how keywords work which I have explained briefly. There are many factors which affect these things. But this was just a general idea on how keywords work for SEO.

The importance of keyword research in SEO

Here I will be discussing known details about the keywords in SEO. You might be reading this because you have a website which you need to rank on google. No matter the type of website you own, be it blog or eCommerce site. The type of website you own doesn’t really matter. What matters is what area you offering and how good is the content you’re offering.

Let us assume you want to rank first on an electronic product. You cannot just put a keyword lets say “buy best electronic product”. This might already produce a ton of result and you might not rank very well considering the keyword difficulty, more on this down. You have to use multiple tools to see which keyword produces how much result. And also the amount of search query the keyword is getting.

There is one more thing you must understand about keywords. Each keyword is assigned a difficulty number ranging from 0 – 100. The higher the difficulty number the harder it is for you to rank on search engines. So, if you’re just starting out with your website try looking for relatively easy keywords. And once you gain momentum you can target keywords with higher difficulties.

Now that being said I cannot fully explain about the ways you can do that because it is subjective. It depends on the content of your page / website and various other factors. But the most important thing is never copy content from other authors over the internet. It will badly hurt your SEO and most search engines doesn’t tolerate plagiarism.

I have listed 5 techniques how you can do keyword research for absolutely free. There are a lot of paid solutions in the market but you might be able to afford it if you’re just starting with SEO.

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#1 Google Trends

To use the tool click here.

This is my absolute favorite when it comes to researching the keywords. You have to put in the search term or topic you want to research about. And it will provide you with the details about the topic in Google.

seo keyword research with google trends

The best part about google trends is that you can break down the search queries with Country, Time period, Category and Origin. Look at the image above where I have search for the term “covid19 vaccine”.

Apart from the breaking down of queries we are also able to explore related topics and related queries. It will be really helpful for exploring the keywords.

#2 Ahrefs Keyword Generator

To use this tool click here.

This is yet another great free tool where you can research keywords. Technically it is a keyword generator but it provides you with other information such as keyword difficulty which we did not see in google trends.

seo keyword research with ahrefs

This tool provides you the necessary details which you must know. It is really handy to have something like this within your fingertips. Because we don’t really know when we are going to need it. And as for SEO it will really help you in the long run if you know what you are doing. This tool will be of great help to you in your SEO keyword research.

#3 Bing Webmaster Console

To use this tool click here.

Yet another free tool which is embedded inside the webmaster console of Bing. To be able to use this tool you must first signup to Bing webmaster, which is not that difficult. Although at this point you might have already signed up. And might probably already know about this tool.

seo keyword research with bing

This tool has all the features from the Google Trends and Ahrefs and more. You have to signup and explore to know more about it. Apart from keyword research Bing console has SEO Reports, Site Scan and Back links which you can leverage for SEO.

I hope what I have here is helpful to you. If you feel anything missing leave a comment below. Keep exploring and keep learning.

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