Download games for free while avoiding viruses

Download games for free while avoiding viruses

Have you been wanting to play that cool game you found out about? And you’re unsure if you should buy this new game. You want to try it out but don’t want to spend any money on the game. But in the process you might download Malware, Trojan and Viruses. Here I have curated list of websites where you can download games for free. And the best part is these are trusted sites. Meaning, there is a negligible chance of you infecting your PC with threats.

NOTE: This article in no way supports piracy or infringement of copyright materials. The list is purely for informative purposes only.

1. CrackWatch ( visit link )

crackwatch homepage download free cracked games

It is a news reporting website for new cracks for games. This site also offers it’s very own forum where you can even request new games. They also provide a list of upcoming cracked games. They contain cracks made by trusted scenes like CPY, STEAMPUNKS, CODEX, etc.

2. SKIDROW ( visit link ) homepage : free cracked games

SKIDROW is a group of very active scene members. They provide quality cracked games for you to download. You can download games for free from their official website. On their website they have links to register and login. They provide you with categories of games to download. They also accept request for games to crack. If you cannot find the games anywhere you know what to do.

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3. CrackWatch Reddit ( visit link )

subreddit page for crackwatch

I have already mentioned the original website above (however i’m not sure about it). This subreddit is for the site mentioned above. Why did I mention it here then? It is because I think things are filtered in this subreddit. And mostly because I prefer the forum like platform for browsing contents.

4. OceanOfGames ( visit link )

homepage for oceanofgames

This one right is one of my personal favorites. This was the first ever trusted game download site I discovered back in 2017. This website has serious amount of working cracked games for you to download and play. The only limitation being you have enough juice on your machine. However you must use a download manager as always for downloading large files because they provide pause and resume capability. Even if your downloads get interrupted for any reason.

Watch out for fake website of same domain name. I’ve found plenty of fake sites with almost similar name. If you blindly search for the names and end somewhere else. It’s on your own conscience.

CAUTION: The list I’ve made are all third party sites and I am not responsible for the contents they provide. Even they do provide legitimate cracks accident happen sometime. So keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

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