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7 Sites to Learn Programming Languages Online For Free

So in 2020 you’re all about learning programming and becoming a developer, Huh? The thrill and the feeling can be quite overwhelming at first. But, with time you’ll get used to the programmer’s life. And to get there you need not pay a dime. You heard it right you can now learn programming languages online for absolutely no cost. Technically you will be paying for your internet. But, the point is you need not spend any money over platforms for learning.

Let me list you some of the proven sites where you can start getting your hands dirty. Please do note that these websites provides guidance. They’re not silver bullet to your issues. It’s true that these sites will provide you with resources. But it’s you who must do the actual work.

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#1 edX

To visit this resource: click here.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about edX already, if not you did now. What is edX? The answer to that question will be subjective. But because the article belongs to TECHENUM. I will be explaining it with my perspective. Which doesn’t really deviate much from what is prevalent already.

edX is a online replacement for college. Now, I don’t mean you don’t need to go to college. It’s an entirely different topic. But here edX is a aggregation of coursed which are provided to renowned colleges. The affiliations include MIT, Harvard University, Berkeley University, Boston University, and much more.

If you’re looking for university like education for free this is the right place for you to start. And unlike beginners, anyone can learn about any provided course from here.

They have video lecture type content with exercise files for each lecture. They don’t only offer just programming languages, the offer the whole field of study. So, I highly urge you checking it out.


To visit this resource: click here.

One of the best websites where you can start learning programming language. They offer multiple programming languages: Java, Python, JavaScript, Kotlin, Go, Rust, etc. I have only provided you with fraction of what they have to offer.

If you are a complete beginner you should definitely check this site out. Even if you are somewhat familiar to the ecosystem. It doesn’t hurt to just revise what you have already know. You might learn a thing or two which you might have looked over in the past.

They provided an interactive environment sometimes can be refereed to as hands-on guide. You will be provided with the editor and instruction on what to do. Its a greatly intuitive way to learn programming languages online.

#3 Udemy

To visit this resource: click here.

Yet another great resource to learn programming languages online absolutely free. And you might have already heard about this site. It provides video content, something like YouTube, but specialized towards subject. It only contains knowledgeable contents from various creators who are highly skilled.

You can find numerous teachers who have great courses available. Most contents are paid here but you can find free resources to kick start your journey. And you can occasionally find the courses on sale like the online eCommerce platforms.

You can grab more quality content every now and then if you are highly active. And like I’ve said it before, having resource means nothing if you don’t really utilize it. Most of us have a habit of claiming courses but never really completing it. We must change that habit of ours if we want to thrive in this programming world.

#4 YouTube

To visit this resource: click here.

It might seem really obvious and corny at first. But there are ton of meaningful content on YouTube. There are a lot of highly skilled creators who have curated list of playlists to help you. You will find highly detailed tutorials too here with even the source code linking to GitHub.

To name a few channels where you find quality programming tutorials. Here are some names: etc. You can find other creators who are skilled but are not really famous on the platform. Where you can learn any programming languages online such as: PHP, Ruby, Scala, Go, Bash, and more.

Apart from that you are able to explore not only programming tutorials but also other things on various subjects. YouTube is no longer for music and comedy, you can learn from YouTube too. So next time you’re bored watching videos on YouTube. Search about tutorials and start watching. Lead yourself on the path of the pro developer you are destined to become.


To visit this resource: click here.

This awesome site contains so much quality contents. Text based tutorials for Java and it’s siblings. You can find a ton of resources for Java based web frameworks. Not only that you will find the a series of course where you will learn how to use certain things.

This site is primarily for Java and you will not find anything else on the site. But, being dedicated to a single programming language. It makes it a go-to place if you want to learn something for Java. And the great thing about Java is that it interoperates with Kotlin. Kotlin is yet another great programming language to learn.

I recommend you to head over to see the tutorials they publish on how to’s about Java and it’s ecosystem. You will be surprised by the quality they offer. You might want to keep it bookmarked because you never know.

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#6 Geeks for Geeks

To visit this resource: click here.

This site is really great when it comes to learning programming languages online. These guys offer a large amount of quality resource. They do not specialize in providing resource for a single programming language. They offer the things included in computer science as a whole.

Apart from providing the programming language tutorials and snippets. They also provide the interview preparation questions. And they also provide list of problem to be solved. You can learn a great deal of Algorithm and Data-structures concepts from this website. I highly recommend you have it in your bookmarks.

They even provide information on Operating Systems and other important concepts for computer science students. Whether you are a student or a professional developer this is a very handy site to have knowledge about.

#7 Coursera

To visit this resource: click here.

Another great site where you can learn programming languages online for absolutely free. They are like Udemy and edX, they provide online video tutorials. They offer the tutorials based on computer science courses. Meaning you can explore a lot of options if you’re just starting to learn programming language.

The quality is unbeatable like most of the resources mentioned here. The only problem is if you like textual learning rather than visual. This site might not be a best option for you to improve your knowledge. Apart from programming languages you can learn other things as well.

You can find really great tutors explaining the concepts of really difficult topics with ease. Do check it out and find out if the site is really worth it.

Pro tip

We might learn things from multiple resources in the beginning. But nothing really beats the official documentations. Once you start to read the code effectively you should learn how to get yourself around the official documentations.

I have kept this off the list because documentation should never be considered optional. No matter where you get your knowledge from you should always keep reading documentation. As the documentation contains all the details on what you should or shouldn’t do. These details will not be covered anywhere or will be covered by really less number of people.

Always verify what you learn, it looks tough at first. But this habit will be helpful in your career ahead.


These sites will help you get started if you’re a complete beginner. Even if you are familiar to concepts or have been messing around with languages for some time. These websites will be of great value to you. I’ve left out a number of sites because of the fact that those sites are great for reference. But I’ve prepared this list based on my findings and knowledge.

In the end we have our own pace of learning things. What works for one might not work for another. Do try and find our what works for you and keep pushing your limits. Consistency will help you overcome even the most difficult challenges you face in your career.

I hope you find this article insightful. Do comment below If you feel I missed something.

Keep Learning!

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