Install RaspberryPi Selenium ChromeDriver

Here, I will show how you can download RaspberryPi Selenium ChromeDriver.

So, for a web scraping project I was using Selenium. Everything was going okay on my main development machine. But then I decided to move it to my RaspberryPi and guess what ? It has a different CPU architecture, SURPRISING!

First you have to update your RaspberryPi. Execute the following command in bash

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade -yCode language: Bash (bash)

Note that the above command will automatically install new updates in your RaspberryPi. If you don’t want to update it you should just execute the first command.

Then, all you have to do is install the chrome driver with the following command.

sudo apt-get install chromium-chromedriverCode language: Bash (bash)

That is it for installation. Now one important but small detail.

You will need to provide the path for the driver because that’s how selenium works.

For me the path was /usr/bin/chromedriver but it might be different for you.

You can find the path of your chromedriver by executing the following command.

which chromedriverCode language: Bash (bash)

That’s is all for RaspberryPi Selenium ChromeDriver. Keep learning and keep making awesome stuffs.